Hello Summer...

Read my interview at My Flash Trash by Amber Atherton:

Patricia Nicolas is the epitome of Spanglo cool, one of those girls that always look effortlessly chic and make you sayWHY CAN’T I LOOK LIKE THAT WHEN I’VE JUST ROLLED OUT OF BED. With a studio in Angel and a blog with her native Spanish Vogue, I managed to get hold of her and see what she’s up too..

Wanting: Everything I can get

Reading: Old Vogue Paris

Watching: The Royal Tennenbaums

Waiting For: Peace and Tranquility, like turtles when they are on their lost islands.

Favourite Type of Jewellery: Delicate rocky rings like my new vampire teeth ring

Jewellery Advice: Never wear the complete set- Like a ring and matching necklace..I hate that! Haha