Goodbye Leo, 
Hello Toro Osborne!
Patricia Nicolas Collaboration 2014 

The release of my collaboration with Toro Osborne is finally here. It's something I'm super excited about because it's a highly recognised Spanish icon in the world, but primarily because of what it means to me. To me, it is a symbol of the city I learnt to ride my bike and had my first heart break, even though I was just 11. I now understand, that my relationship with Leonardo DiCaprio wasn't real. Today however, it does not only represent childhood and heritage for me, but also rejuvenation. Toro Osborne has given me the opportunity to collaborate in making jewellery for their rejuvenation project. I have created a mouth, eye and ear all with the toro at the centre of each piece. This is to represent it's central placement in my society and developing as time goes on. It features the central senses focusing on the company in a natural, and beautiful process. Even though Leonardo DiCaprio and I grew apart, I will never grow apart from Toro Osborne.   

EXCLUSIVE PRIVATE EVENT: Toro Osborne is donating TWO TICKETS to the exclusive, private, launch party featuring Patricia Nicolas. To apply for these tickets, go to their facebook page, and in the comment section note down your name, and the name of your plus one.

Vogue Spain Jewellery Awards 2014

Yesterday we went to the Palace of La Bolsa in Madrid to celebrate the Vogue Spain Jewellery Awards 2014.

We had fun, we danced, and drunk champagne! I am so proud to be featured in at the event with my father.
I am wearing a jumpsuit from Topshop, boots Chanel, the fox fur scarf, a new collection of fur scarfs I designed that you can buy on the web and my necklace, from my collection "For our eyes only".

Such a nice evening!

Flamingo Market Place Collaboration

I met with Carla, from Flamingo Market Place about six months ago, and it started off great...There was chemistry, we laughed and we danced. 
The following months little egg idea were generated. We did not yet know what the product of the egg would be. A pancake? A duck? But we knew it was ours. The egg has now cracked, and out came Flamingo Brooches

We're both very proud, and we would like to share this collaboration with you on this beautiful day. 
Check it out on the website, it truly is one of a kind!



Our latest collab is with Spanish most highly recognized icon of the world!
 28th Nov 2014

Treat Your Self
Because you're worth it, you foxy creature. 

My life philosophy is life is what you make it. This means treating yourself is key, it’s crucial. I don’t think you need a reason to treat yourself, do it on a good day, a bad day, but especially on a mediocre day. Mediocre days are so mediocre
Here are some tips for treats:

1)   A glass of wine, or a bottle.
2)   Get that starbucks drink you love that's gonna raise your cholesterol or clog your veins. Worth it.
3)   Nutella. Lots of nutella.
4)   Don’t do a spa session at home, you haven’t shaved in years, why start now? You’ll just eat the cucumbers. You’re going to make a mess.
5)   Wrap yourself in bubble wrap, and run into things.
6)   Buy bandages, you’re not invincible. Not even with bubble wrap.
7)   Online shopping, leave your regrets behind. You need that Muppets tea set, you need it.

Lists aside, I recently launched a new collection of arctic fox fur scarves! It’s a treat to wear it everyday, it’s soft like a baby’s butt and as colourful as pride. Stay tuned for upcoming stockists, and remember: 

Losing you hurts
but losing my fox fur 
would be a tragedy!

Treat your self, my little gangstahs!
peace out. 



Check out this new drawing by Patricia Nicolas! A new month calls for changes, it calls for more exercise, healthier eating, earlier bedtimes, and wiser choices. 

The story is always the same, complaining about exercising becomes a full time job, fits of rage are thrown due to hunger, and your wise choices leave you bored and unfulfilled. So you cheat your diet, exercise, and conscience. For some the cheating begins a few weeks in, but for normal people 4 hours is enough. But no one describes this pattern better than Helen Fielding's Bridget Jones, 

The plans to lose weight and change personality kept me aloft for two days, only to collapse around my ears. I realize it was only a complicated form of

If you need to make yourself feel better, Patricia's new collection Roarr might cheer you up. We wish you the best of luck for November's endeavours, whatever happens we're here to cheer you on!


The photo above presents my good friend Eugenia Silva (left) and the lovely Elsa Pataki (right), wearing the Multichain Punk Necklace from the God Save the Queen collection. It's the time of year when thanksgiving is just around the corner. I am thankful for so many things, for my good friends, my  work and my wonderful readers! It's an overload of benefits... :)

Get out there and spread the love! 

(I feel like this necklace should maybe, be called the thankful necklace maybe! )  
I'm also very thankful for Eugenia in particular because my products are now sold through her at EUSTYLE, a very cool online multi-brand store if you like fabulous products!