Miu Miu and Madonna

For the past few weeks Madonna has been hard at work in Europe directing her new film, but it turns out that that film is not the only thing she is directing. Today I found out that she also directed the Fall/Winter 2010-2011 ad campaign for Miu Miu which you get to check out right now .

I've read that apparently Madonna rocked up onto the set of the Miu Miu campaign shoot to meet photographers Mert Atlas and Marcus Pigott and take them for dinner. But she got distracted and ended up directing the video instead.
Ginta Lapina told Love magazine, ‘We were supposed to shoot a video, so Madonna said she wanted to direct it. They said she could do it but they weren’t going to pay her and she started laughing.¨
I think it's really cool, simple and fun, but even though the models are very pretty, some of them don´t have the attitude for this type of video.
Don´t you think?

Judge yourselves!

By the way the song is by Boy George