I met Sally last sunday. She is a nine year old girl that makes her own cakes and sells them  in Columbia Road (The Flower Market). There is no better time to visit the Market than in Spring when all the flowers bloom and the air is intense with the scent of flowers. There are also many stores; small art galleries sit next to cup cake shops, english and italian dells and antique shops. A lot of the flower sellers grow their own plants but the cutest thing I've ever seen is Sally. And the cup cakes were delicious.
 And this remind me of my friend Eugenia that makes the best cakes in the world !

El Domingo pasado conocí a Sally. Una niña de nueve años que hace ella misma sus cup cakes y los vende en Columbia Road. El Mercado de Flores al Este de Londres. Es lo más cute que he visto nunca. Y esto me recuerda a mi amiga Eugenia que hace los mejores cakes del mundo !