After a busy few days, with our ‘art special’ week on the website, I was looking forward to a relaxed weekend in Venice for a friend’s wedding. Venice is so glamorous and sophisticated and the wedding was no exception; stylish dresses, gorgeous hats and extravagant jewellery. 

But while we were there we found some Venetian masks and we went a little crazy. The masks were traditionally worn to let people ‘act more freely’ and we definitely did. Dancing to the music with Lucia who was wearing my skulls in the sky necklace from the collection Vampire Effect ,  while Nerea in a different style was wearing a limited edition vintage style spider necklace with matching ring which looked great with her fluorescent dress.

We were inspired to hide from everyone to take some pictures, which turned out really cool, and the masks made them quite strange and mysterious but so much fun...

Nerea is wearing a limited edition necklace Vintage spiders made of 
labradorite, vintage crystals and two spiders from my collection Limited edition. 
Click here.

Lucía is wearing a necklace Skulls in the sky from my collection 
Vampire Effect. 
Click here. 

All Clothes

- Lucia  is wearing a dress from the shop Ararat (Almirante, 10)  in Madrid. 
Rings Uno de 50, and necklace skulls in the sky from my collection Vampire Effect.

- Nerea is wearing the spider necklace and a dress she designed herself 
with the help of her sister Rocio.

- I designed the dress and the ring I am wearing, a panther red ring from my
collection Garden of Eden and shoes from Prada.

Photos © Patricia Nicolás