I have been featured in Vogue España in a recent article this month 
talking about It Girls.
The article talks about how IT girls have a personality you just can't resist,
 that makes everyone aspire to be like them.
They asked their chosen girls to explain what made someone 'IT' 
and here's what I thought:

¨ Fashion has changed over the years. Before, we only looked to the ultra-slim,
 ultra-beautiful models for inspiration. But now, we're turning to the normal girls, 
who have style and attitude. We can identify with these girls more because they're not
 perfect, but they still have something - passion and personality - that makes us admire
 them. My 'IT girl' has to be Alexa Chung,  she has an amazing style and charisma that
 just pulls you in completely.¨  

With IT girls, it's Absolute Attraction. 

Patricia Nicolás at Vogue.