"Patricia Nicolás is a Spanish-born jewellery designer whose quirky
 creations are just as covetable as her ultra-cool personal style.
 Style Hunter managed to catch five fun minutes with the jet-setter
 in her London home for a little closet raid..."

Grazia Magazine Uk, February 2012

(Article written and directed by the amazing Fashion reporter,  and
 Style Hunter Hannah Almassi. Photographed by Phill Taylor)

I was recently interviewed by the lovely people at Grazia Magazine
 for their Style Hunter feature. Not only did they do a brilliant
 job on the interview but they dedicated two pages with a great
 full page photo!. Grazia is one of Britain's best fashion
 magazines and for them to want to interview me is a real honour;
 they have the coolest fashion with a great mix of designer and
 high street pieces and some really brilliant articles. 
In the interview, they ask me about my personal style, inspiration,
 my favourite trends and favourite wardrobe pieces. They also
 selected some products inspired by my style, which are amazing and
 include my new Spike blue spring Bracelet and a classic Lady Punk
piece along with some gorgeous clothes.
And if that wasn't enough , we also have some exclusive behind the
 scenes photos and a video that I will show you very soon.

I am wearing shorts Levis, blazer BDBA, my Lady Punk and horses necklace and my Miu Miu boots.