I was so happy to see my sister this week!

 She travelled from Spain to come and visit my new store, 
look at my new designs and have a long catch up. 
We also had time to go shopping, we even took an adventure around Shoreditch Highstreet,
visiting the galleries, vintage stores and coffee shops.
 Here we are in Shoreditch having lunch in one of the many coffee shops 
that pepper the Bricklane area. 

Have a sneak peak at the glasses my sister is wearing, they are a new design, but I can say no more as I don't want to spoil the new collection that will be on its way soon...Watch this space!

This image is of the interior of a vintage clothes and furniture store a few 
blocks away from my store in Shoreditch, 97-99 Sclater Street
We fell for the illuminous heart, and mirror made up of wing mirrors. 
The shop was like a treasure trove filled with obscure and interesting pieces. 
I could imagine filling my home with all the items that were being sold in that store.

Bea came at a great time as I wanted to change the interior of my store. 
She is not only talented within fashion , but she´s always been amazing with interior design. 
As you may all know she runs two boutiques in Spain that sell exclusive high fashion clothing. 
She helped me a lot and gave me great advice.  It was so great seeing my sister in London , 
we had so much fun, we talked non stop and continuously laughed, as we always do. 

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