To Be, Or Not To Be A Desert

Visiting the Desert, Madrid

the dry heat. 
must. treat. myself. 

Here I am in Madrid for a break, wearing my recently launched cactus bracelet in the sun, admiring the blue sky, listening to Come to, by Bombay Bicycle Club. 
This is how I treat myself, on lazy summer days.

When I grew up I wanted to be a tour guide so that I could travel all over the place and learn interesting random facts everyday. Today, I am going to be your tour guide to summer in Madrid. Here are some interesting facts of what Madrid is like in the Summer!

1. The geographical location of madrid is: far from water. 
2. The Humidity: its so dry you don't sweat.
3. The heat is exhausting, this is why siestas exist.
4. Your eyes will loose moisture. And it will feel weird.
5. You wont need to bring a pyjama. Bring ice to bed.

All jokes aside, it's pretty FABULOUS at night, and who doesn't love a siesta? To remind myself of the warm summers in Madrid, I made this bracelet you can find in my online store, to lift my spirits and appreciate what I have.

Appreciate life! 


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