Day 1

"Coming out of the Closet"
TIP 1: Clashing items is a do!

This year I decided to expand my selection of items and design a fur scarf. So I did!
I’m super happy that people seem to like it as much as I do myself, especially since the scarves bring so much color and happiness to the darkness of winter. However, I have gotten inquiries about HOW to wear my scarf.

When wearing a fur scarf in general, I don’t want to look like a 75 year old maiden, neither do I want to be projected as a street walker or a frivolous new money brat (don’t judge, we’re all thinking it). So why did you buy one? It’s an investment, you say, and I agree. You’ll be able to wear it forever, it will never go out of style. Therefore, I am going to give you 8 tips on how to wear a fur scarf, be it a colorful one like mine, or a classic one toned scarf.The first step is take it out of the closet, it’s been in there for long enough! Let it breathe fresh air, and live life to the fullest. Be daring, clash the patterns. Don’t be afraid to leave your comfort zone, listen to Nike and just do it. I promise you won’t regret it. Clashing a classic scarf with a free-spirited dress works just as well with a scarf with some free spirit, itself. Get into that closet and get out all your clashing clothes!

In the picture of the photo shoot I’m wearing my green for fur scarf with a dress from Topshop, Miu Miu ankle boots and a necklace from my collection ¨For your eyes only. 

Stay in tune for day 2!