Maya Hansen & Patricia Nicolás A/W15 

Hold your helmet, you're in for a he** of a ride! 

Trade Biker chick for biker chic! 

Imagine a biker couple... I bet you’re picturing a middle-aged, chubby rude man, and a woman as glamorous and lean as a model. Whether the former is true, I have no idea, but I did see the latter at Maya Hansen’s runway show! The effortlessly cool attitude that comes with anything remotely motorcycle related, was experienced during Maya Hansen’s Paddedcollection, featuring my jewellery. The models trotted around with Steve Madden knee high – very badass – plateau leather boots.

My designs featured motorcycle inspired earrings and necklaces of wheelshighwaysgloves and helmets, all in the prevailing colours of the fashion show, redgold, black and grey. Before the show Maya and I organised the my jewellery with her pieces, and models. My FAVOURITE LOOK by far is my red glove earrings with the black and white Maya Hansen creating and the low Steve Madden knee high boots. The proportional symmetry really works, and the red earrings tie the outfit together.

The show was concluded with Maya riding in (as a biker chick would) at the back of a motorcycle onto the runway looking fabulous. Whether the man driving it was middle aged or chubby, or rude – I cannot recall, but it was a cool show!

Release your inner biker chick, and be biker chic!