HOW-TO:  Make it to the Street Style Section in Vogue


The Street Style section is definitely one of my favourite sections, you know the one where photographers take photos of "normal" people looking VERY stylish. I wonder if they left their wardrobe thinking, "I'm going to be in the Street Style section today". Here are some tips if your life mission is to be in the Street Style section: 

1)    Be born tall unless you’re Miroslava Duma (she can do no wrong).

2)    Wear an EXTRAVAGANT accessory. Wear a tea-cup (yes, a real one) on your head, or a piece from my collection Bomb Shell

3)    Spend your years salary on a trending piece. The disadvantage of this, is that you will be broke, will only wear it once, and will be featured with 20 other street savy individuals on half a page. A solution to this is wearing a piece from my BOMB SHELL collection. 

4)    Actually GO to the Fashion Week of your country, they’re not gonna show up at your door to take a picture. (Although I’m sure they should!) 

5)    Photobomb someone famous. Make use of your social media SKILLS and stalk ANNA WINTOUR or  RIHANNA  … I know people that they do that and they win!

6)    Get a funky haircut, Lolita Sun glasses or wear a hat. You have to think outside the box, somewhere along a Britney bald buzzcut, or Daft Punk helmet.

That's all the advice I've got! If this doesn't work, wear (or rather don't wear) whatever Taylor Swift is wearing (or not wearing), you'll end up in Street Style for sure! 

I don't know if i've mentioned it before, but my new collection BOMB SHELL has just been released and I am so excited!! If you've got a spare minute, check it out! 

I am wearing vintage boots that I bought at Beyond Retro , American Apparel skirt , Topshop top, hat by Liberty UK.