Party People

Patricia Nicolás Jewellery
London Parties

Vintage Party in Notting hill
shoes D&G
Some kind of SUPERSTARS

With names from McQueen or Winehouse reveling as one of the crowd, London is the place to let and play.

¨We are all pretty bizarre, some of us are just better at hiding it, that´s all¨
Vintage watch necklace of a selection of Vintage Treasures collection .

The energy of a London party is what makes the night unique. The buzz of a creative collective who are just doing it for fun...It´s what inspires me when I make my collections.

This necklace is made of pearls and gold.
Amazing for a night out with a simple black dress.

You have a better life if you wear impressive jewels
so...this is London now,

don´t you dare ignore it !

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