Welcome to our sundays in London Today is jamming session we so much love!!!

Hippy vintage summer dress, boots Benny Room and coral necklaces -

The stylist of this shooting was Cristina Lopez Rodriguez who is now working for the magazine Wonderland. UK

I fashioned you from jewels and stone , I made you in the image of myself , I gave you everything you wanted

so you would never know anything else but everytime I reach for you you slip through my fingers into cold sunlight laughing at the things that I have planned , the map of my world gets smaller as I sit here pulling at the loose threads now.
Did you wanna be a winner? Did you wanna be an icon?
Did you wanna be famous?
Did you wanna be the president?
Did you wanna start a war?
Did you wanna have a family?
Did you wanna be in love?
Because when we fall in love, we fall in love with ourselves.

 takes us to other dimensions...
It´s like we are somebody else, for a while...
Blouse Paul ad Joe for Yube, and All Saints shades.
On the stage
Black vintage dress I bought at Benny Room in Madrid.
I always wear it with a selection of necklaces from my Vintage CollectionAnd now....
my ankle new Burberry boots and skull necklace
are waiting for me for the next gig
We hope you liked our jamming session!
Our extreme make up parties!take care !......we love you!

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