Work HARD- Play HardER

Nothing is more enjoyable than a night out in town with the girls, being able to loose control and dance the night away...go wild...
Dress up. Wear Prada shoes. Wear a Patricia's Cross necklace. The perfect match for the season. It is important to work hard in order to achieve ones dreams, but even more to live and love. But don't be fooled every loved up heart will get broken once in a while, shattered into millions of tiny pieces:
Torn Apart. Hearts can be broken, but a friendship will never end

...Unborn meets Heaven.
Patricia Nicolas has created this extravagant and limited collection for the jewellery lover in search of something unique and inspiring.The magnificent cross and skeleton hand ornaments mingle next to black onyx pearls and stunning cream swarovski pearls. Fine silver chains dangle from oversized safety pins, cross-referencing heaven and hell vs. rebellion and innocence. The wide range of colours enables the bracelets and necklaces to be worn to a multitude of outfits, whether it be evening or day wear, so that they can be worn again and again and again....