You may know Amber by now.
Not only because she is own of my best friends and I already showed you photos 
of her in other posts but also because she is filming the famous tv show Made in Chelsea on E4.
I've always loved her style.

Do you think appearing in Made In Chelsea will help your career? 
Yes! Its been a fantastic way to introduce My Flash Trash to more fashion/jewellery
 lovers and is a lot of fun 
Can you tell us a secret about the show?
The Show was going to be called 'I Should Be So Chelsea'
Who's your favourite character? 
Binky always make me laugh
What has been your favourite scene? 
That first episode at Raffles at our jewellery party with you Patty of course!
Is Made In Chelsea showing the truth behind the fiction of shows like Gossip Girl?
Oh yes. The first season is like the icing on a drama filled cake 
We know you really have to be very busy dealing with the show, your boutique,  but
 when you do have some time what do you like to do ? 
Take a stroll along the south bank with a friend 
Guilty Pleasure? 
Chocolate cookies
Where is your favourite place to be in the world? 
The Maldives
What do you have on your ipod at the moment? 
Bright Lights Big City by Cee Lo Green
What is your favourite genre of music?
What's your favourite night club?
I love Momos
You can't wait for...
The launch of my first collection! Monsoon Palace

Amber is wearing

Pink bracelet - Acid Caterpillar
Necklace - Tribal Rats
Bracelet white stone - Wild Caterpillar 

Photos and video editing Patricia Nicolás