Introducing Patricia Nicolás´s new collaboration with LG's premium smartphone LGG3.

Life's Good. 
Life's beautiful.
 And we want to welcome everyday with a BIG hello! 

 Life's good, everything's possible! 

Introducing a collaboration with LG's premium smartphone G3 we bring to you, the Life's Good bracelet! 
I chose "hello" as the design, to express global communication, the vitality of language and easy access to share moments with loved ones. It allows freedom of expression across lands and oceans, and the possibility to drop a hello at a moments notice, even to your in-laws. 
The materials were chosen to mirror the premium smartphone. The Swarovski stone in the "O" symbolizes clarity, quality and the shape of the NEW G3! The new phones improvement we're interested in, is the autofocus and selfie functions! The new easy swipe saves you from walking around with an unknown spinach smile for too long #letmetakeaselfie. This is an amazing technical response to today's selfie behaviour, making the ever-changing fashion world an appropriate partner to collaborate with. 

The letters "hello" are made of resin, matching the phones elegance and chicness. 
This bracelet is the G3's animal spirit - but in a bracelet… 

Finally, I would like to thank LG for the opportunity of this collaboration, it has created a new meaning of hello. Life's good, everything's possible! 

Elías Fullana, General Director of LG Systems, showing Patricia the selfie feature.

I am wearing jumpsuit Topshop.

I would like to thank all the bloggers, fashion media, radio and TV  that came to this event. It was a great afternoon, we had so much fun :) !