The one and only Vogue 

The one and only Vogue gave me both the pleasure and honour of designing a necklace for Vogue Fashion Night Out, and this necklace is what I created for them! The items were to be selectively given to celebrities, it girls, and bloggers. Above you can see the Editor in Chief of Vogue Spain, Yolanda Sacristan wearing the necklace on instagram! Needless to say, it was an exciting project for me to embark on, and I am very grateful for the opportunity.

I would also like to mention that YOU READERS, are my celebrities, it girls and bloggers and you are free to get my necklace and become a Vogue girl through my website! I'm not saying you'll wake up as Kate Moss, you'll still be you, but WITH a really badass necklace. Wouldn't it be weird if you woke up as Kate, or Heidi? If I did, I would put on a pair of high heels, and shades THEN go to McDonald's, order the biggest meal to freak out the employees.

La marca ícono de la moda y estilo internacional ha depositado su confianza en nuestras manos
creadoras para elaborar una pieza única para la gente mas VIP.
 Top celebrities, it girls, bloggers y Yolanda Sacristan, Editor in Chief de Vogue Spain han compartido
en Instagram el collar que llevaran en la próxima Vogue Fashion Nigh Out de Madrid el 18 de

 Hazte con esta pieza y conviértete en una Vogue girl...