Check out this new fun drawing I made! A new month calls for changes, it calls for more exercise, healthier eating, earlier bedtimes, and wiser choices. 

The story is always the same, complaining about exercising becomes a full time job, fits of rage are thrown due to hunger, and your wise choices leave you bored and unfulfilled. So you cheat your diet, exercise, and conscience. For some the cheating begins a few weeks in, but for normal people 4 hours is enough. But no one describes this pattern better than Helen Fielding's Bridget Jones, 

The plans to lose weight and change personality kept me aloft for two days, only to collapse around my ears. I realize it was only a complicated form of

If you need to make yourself feel better, Patricia's new collection Roarr might cheer you up. We wish you the best of luck for November's endeavours, whatever happens we're here to cheer you on!