Treat Your Self

Treat Your Self
Because you're worth it, you foxy creature. 

My life philosophy is life is what you make it. This means treating yourself is key, it’s crucial. I don’t think you need a reason to treat yourself, do it on a good day, a bad day, but especially on a mediocre day. Mediocre days are so mediocre
Here are some tips for treats:

1)   A glass of wine, or a bottle.
2)   Get that starbucks drink you love that's gonna raise your cholesterol or clog your veins. Worth it.
3)   Nutella. Lots of nutella.
4)   Don’t do a spa session at home, you haven’t shaved in years, why start now? You’ll just eat the cucumbers. You’re going to make a mess.
5)   Wrap yourself in bubble wrap, and run into things.
6)   Buy bandages, you’re not invincible. Not even with bubble wrap.
7)   Online shopping, leave your regrets behind. You need that Muppets tea set, you need it.

Lists aside, I recently launched a new collection of arctic fox fur scarves! It’s a treat to wear it everyday, it’s soft like a baby’s butt and as colourful as pride. Stay tuned for upcoming stockists, and remember: 

Loosing you hurts
but losing my fox fur 
would be a tragedy!

Treat your self, my little gangstahs!
peace out.