Design for a Catwalk

MY Fashion week collaboration 

As you may know, I concluded my collaboration with Maya Hansen for her “Padded” biker themed collection a few days ago. This is my usual design process for collaborations...

1. Receive the Call: Maya called me 2 weeks before the show. Staring at your phone won't do the trick, sometimes YOU have to make the call. You're not dating, so this time don't play  "hard to get"

2. Do the Research: I bought books, magazines, and went to a motorcycle fair in London. Don't make the same mistake as I did, wear a pink jumpsuit and blue pastel fur to a biker themed event (they're great though!!). Bellow is a picture of a perfect outfit to get your creativity going! I'm wearing earrings from my latest collection Bomb Shell,  boots Alexander Wang NY, Racoon fur coat from Beni Room, coulottes pants and a Loewe bag.

3. Sketching: I use pencil and illustrator to sketch the pieces. Remember to fuel up with a banana, it'll give you super powers to become an amazing sketcher. 

4. Prototypes: I create the pieces and show them to the designer for feedback. I made the arrow earrings upon Maya's specific request, but the highway, helmet, and globes was my own initiative. 

5. Whatsapp Communication: Communication is key, so we created a whatsapp group (Maya, Chema Anton, head of Press for Maya and I) to discuss the pieces, quantities, designs, colours, sizes etc. Poop emoji's were used very freely. 

6. Puzzle Pieces with Models: I brought the jewellery a few days before the event, to pair them with the outfits. This we do as a joint effort, because we're all in this together, like in High School Musical

TIP: Maya gives me a lot of CREATIVE freedom, making the process so much FUN, otherwise i would just be producing and I’m not a factory worker, I live my life democratically. (Love you China!)

BIGGEST CHALLENGE: A two week design process is do-able if you're passionate and hard working, which you have to be in this industry. The competition is brutal and unlike ELEPHANTS, people easily forget you. 

Check out the new collaboration here

Remember that creativity and open-mindedness is VITAL for the design process. 

Let your brain turn go rainbow-crazy!! 

I'm wearing earrings from my latest collection Bomb Shell,  boots Alexander Wang NY, Racoon fur coat from Beni Room, coulottes pants and a Loewe bag.