The Samantha Jones

The Samantha Jones 
the Sex And The City icon returns..

new timeless product! 

“Let it go. If I worried about what every bitch says about me i'd never leave the house.“

When a product comes with a background story, it means more to me. This particular scarf is so sassy all I want to do is shout “b**ch, hold my earrings“ when I wear it. It's a fabulous feeling. I imagine myself to be Samantha Jones when I wear it, and I feel so fierce. I wish we could all be fierce together, and I mean everyone.

As a modern woman, I am of the opinion that we should not have to apologise for what we want, be afraid ask for it, not have to worry about how we are perceived or worry about being career driven. These are things Samantha Jones from Sex And The City stand for, and why I made this scarf. I think we all need a little encouragement once in a while, so support your friends by wearing this scarf, or just tell em' that they're fabulous! Don't get me wrong, we need men too, but perhaps for other purposes.

“I've never been friends with men. Women are for friendships, men are for f***ing.“