Survival Guide to Fashion Shows

Survival Guide to Fashion Shows 
a.k.a surviving war


Fashion Shows are a lot like WAR. You need a survival kit, and a butt-load of courage to manage. Your bag is a great tool to survive in the war of Fashion. You can use your bag to store metaphorical guns, and use the bag itself as a weapon, and whack people with it, like old ladies in movies! I feel like it's something i'd be good at. Anyways, here are some TIPS on how to use your bag efficiently during a fashion event:

  1. Camouflage is KEY, wear a scarf, wrap it around your entire body like a mummy to disappear. You're also sure to stay warm. 
  2. If you really want to frighten people in a soldier-like manner, then don't eat . What I’m saying is, bring an apple or a snack bar.
  3. War makes soldiers look sad and old, not a great look. Bring makeup to avoid looking like a soldier. I use Chanel's lipstick and eyeliner for a clean fresh “I-woke-up-like-this“ look. 
  4. Keep moisturised with Chanel's beauty mist and nourishing balm. Maybe Chanel should sponsor wars, god knows everyone would look nicer. Chanel uniforms, anyone?   
  5. A PEN is an underestimated weapon, you can fake stamps to get into exclusive parties, get phone numbers, and draw moutsaches on asleep friends. Now, this is true artillery. 
  6. Document your journey. Bring your iPAD AND CHARGER and blind people with flashes, but be nice with what you post, we're not savages
  7. Keep your eye on the future, for after the battle. Is there going to be a party? Yes? So bring accessories (like the ones from my NEW COLLECTION) in your bag. 

That's it for today! The best of luck to you, and your battles! 

"A soldier will fight long and hard for a bit of coloured ribbon." Napoleon Bonaparte.