How-To Thursday

How to Survive the Easter Holidays

Just DIY it. 

Yet another holiday is emerging giving us time to sleep in, eat good food and spend time with our families. Although this sounds amazing, (and it is) there are always difficulties during the holidays. Time to start preparing, here are some tips for a better Easter Holiday! 

1. Mother-in-law Problems: buy her the “Coco Shell” necklace from the Bomb Shell Collection. 
2. Too much food: drink 0.5L of water before every meal. 
3. Avoiding Diabetes Chocolate Eggs: tell yourself its rabbit poop.
4. Waking up early in the morning: life is work, deal with it. 
5. Ideal Easter Snack: Carrots for the easter bunny, and wine for Jesus.

This is assuming you're not doing the cooking, now THAT is another story.
Happy Easter (almost) to you all!