China Adventures PART 1

Just Come Visit Already! 

- Said my friend, so I got on a plane and headed to China, to learn more about the culture, food, communistic restrictions, and of course to visit old friends…!

In these upcoming blog posts, I’m going to tell you about each trip I took in China, and give you all the juicy details and cool facts about China. Right now, I'm sitting at an Italian cafe called Inno in The Bund in Shanghai thinking about the 6 trips I have taken. I've visited Shanghai, Macau, Dongguang, Shenzheng, Beijing, and Hong Kong which I will elaborate on more in later posts. Every place I've gone has had different cultures, people and landscapes - the diversity is fabulous! 

After a few weeks here, what do I think about China?

THE BIGGEST SHOCK: What has surprised me the most is how poverty and wealth are present at the same time and same place. In one building, you can find a rich single man in a one room apartment, but across the hall you can also see three families living in poverty in a one room apartment. The contrast is shocking and mind boggling. 

THE POLLUTION: Have you ever wondered what the sky would look like, if it was yellow? Then go to Shanghai, because the sky is yellow here. It's as a result of pollution from the factories that the sky is neither blue nor grey, it gives you a very strange cramped feeling, almost like there is no air. A large percentage of the pollution in San Francisco comes from China, the pollution issue here is far from a joke.

Fun fact: Lu means street in Chinese. 

I am wearing red jumper from Uniq Lo, sun glasses from Tickang Lu market in Shanghai and coat from Dries Van Noten at Dover Street Market.

To be continued...Part 2: The Arrival