China Adventures PART 2

The Arrival 

Part. 2

入乡随俗(rù xiāng suí sú)
*When you are in Rome, do as the Romans do.

Just like to my last trip to China 8 years ago, I was picked up from the airport in Shanghai by my friend Benson's adorable chauffeur Mr. Lu. 

I spent three days in Shanghai where I visited the market in Taikanglu, had delicious cocktails with friends in Barabarrosa and stared at the amazing view over the city, drooled over the mansions in the French Concession and shopped at the Kerry Center in Nanjing Lu. (If you guys are ever in Shanghai, these are the four places you MUST visit, you won't regret it!)

I am wearing Trench coat and boots from Burberry, blouse Zara.

My Instagram and Facebook doesn't work in China without a VPN, which has left me wondering what the Chinese do on the toilet to keep themselves entertained, I'm sure they don't just sit there like everyone did in the 90's. So passé! Jokes aside, there is a crazy amount of censoring in China, I heard that even the word censor is censored

Chinese Proverb: A smile will gain you ten more years of life. 

Next up PART 3: Bejing!