New brand discovery!
Body suits to die for...

Chinese New Year's holiday break was truly in bloom, and has blessed us with touring visitors. 
Not only are they effortlessly chic, their jet-lagged baggy eyes, are actually Prada! Am I jealous? 
Yes....Well, I was until I discovered Ekat's body suits! 
The quality is amazing, it really becomes a second skin. 
The patterns are all so fabulous I've already forgotten about Prada. 
Ekat is a London based brand, and a must-have this season. It's the go-to brand for a yoga outfit and they also make swimsuits and leggins with super fun prints. Miley Cyrus is a loyal follower, and who doesn't want to look like the Hannah Montana's fun sister?

I am wearing the Classic long sleeved, scooped back Katsuit.  @katsuits

Photos #Bellopics