Don't be a lazy one...!

The Lazy Ones are anything but lazy...
The amazing brand hosted a photoshoot with my
  photographer friend Diego featuring me in a sexy body suit and a ballerina outfit. The 
clothes and accessories in the photoshoot are all by The Lazy Ones, and you can find the
 delicious pieces in their Bricklane store in Shoreditch along with some pieces from my new

The ballerina body-suits make me regret not becoming a ballerina, they feel just like a
 second skin...! My friends, the owners ( Natalia and Diego) surely make you love the skin
 you're in. It's so comfortable, yet chic and the pieces are versatile, too! 

I can't possibly get over how obsessed I am with these, you'll really need to try a piece to
 fully understand how fabulous they are.

Don't be a lazy one, wear The Lazy Ones. 


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