So, here is the latest part of my Brazilian Adventure! 
I've talked about the beaches, the peoplethe parties; but another amazing thing about Brazil is the wonderful architecture and buildings of Trancoso. 
The interiors were amazing; every room in the house was filled with beautiful colours, traditional Brazilian designs and pretty little details that seemed to give each one a unique character of its own. 
And the buildings themselves were just as gorgeous, standing out on their own, nestled between the trees or gathered together to create one big collage of bright, vivid colours; the whole place was so colourful and beautiful.
It was such an amazing trip, everything in Trancoso was so special to me, and my memories from New Year's eve...the mix of beautiful people, the cool parties, and the traditions - wearing white, lighting candles on the beach, offering gifts to Iemanjá...

 I had such a great time and can´t wait to come back!

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All photos Copyright Patricia Nicolás