nov. 27 2014 

As you all know, I accepted the opportunity to design jewellery for Toro Osborne (#toroicon) a while back, and the release has come at last! It has been a great honour to work with them team at Toro Osborne, and I can't believe that the day has finally come to exhibit my pieces! 

In collaborative creative processes I usually try to translate the image and message of the collaborator with my style. Toro Osborne on the other hand allowed me to design pieces that reflected how I, personally feel about the company. It was a nice change of pace, and a lot more difficult! 

Ultimately I created three pieces (in line with my regular designs) united with the Toro Osborne symbol. Communication in today's society has developed from face-to-face conversations. Listening, seeing and speaking has taken on a technical advance whereby we don't need to be physically or emotionally present to communicate.

 Developing communicative technology is exciting and ever so useful, nevertheless I think that sometimes we forget to stretch our sensory muscles. I made an ear, an eye and a mouth to symbolize communication, in it's original form. It's stable, and it's how I feel about Osborne. It signifies heritage and taking a step back from the fashionable busy-bee life.

The ear embodies the importance of listening, that sometimes gets lost in the modern, express speed. 21st century life. My second piece exhibits a mouth, indicating another form of communication, that perhaps hasn't been forgotten.

Chattering never ceases, there is an overload of nonsense. Thirdly, I created an eye displaying that we live behind screens. We go to Paris, concerts, for coffee, yet we remain behind screens. We fail to actually see it. For me Toro Osborne means heritage and stability, just like our original means of communication: ears, eyes, and mouth.

The event was held in Madrid, Calle Ortega y Gasset ; great wine, nice ambient and the best spanish ham by Cinco Jotas. A catwalk, an exhibition and  6 great designers, and all very well organized by Fly To The Moon communication agency.
We had so much fun!  It was a day to remember !

Thank you to all the press, specially to TVE and TELEMADRID for the nice mention :)